Can You Sell a Probate House in Georgia?

As defined by the American Bar Association, probate is the legal process wherein the court appoints the Executor to administer the estate and distribute assets to the right beneficiaries. Even if your family member’s property has no will, it can still go through the probate process if someone files for it in court (a claimant). … Continued

How to Review Your Mortgage Closing Disclosure

Have you found the perfect house and are in the process of purchasing it via a mortgage loan? Here’s what you need to know before penning down your signature on the mortgage contract and closing disclosure. What Is a Closing Disclosure? Because of TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures or TRID Rules, your lender is obligated to provide … Continued

Types of Insulations Your Georgia House Should Have

Sunny Georgia may not be the go-to destination for snow-loving travellers, but the chilly winter temperatures are cozy enough for many to want to live in the state permanently.  Given Georgia’s seasonal climates, HVAC and insulation systems have become a staple at maintaining that freshness and comfort in your home, come winter or summer. But … Continued

7 D.I.Y Home Staging Tips

Home staging is important when you want to entice interested home buyers faster. Even with the Coronavirus global pandemic, virtual home tours have proved to be a catalyst for plenty of home sales.  As reported by the National Association of Realtors (N.A.R.), home staging had a significant impact on a home’s days-on-market (D.O.M.). Homes that … Continued

The Difference Between Earnest Money and Downpayment

Earnest Money and Downpayment are terms you’re going to come across once you start scouting for homes. While both are given by the buyer in the form of cash or cheque, they are two totally different concepts in the world of real estate. Here, we lay out which factors separate earnest money from downpayment and … Continued

Pros and Cons of Selling Off-The-Market

If you’ve set your mind on selling your home after a month’s worth of doubt-driven monologues about having other options than to sell, here’s another thing to think about — “How am I going to sell the house?”  The home selling process can be overwhelming, especially for first time sellers. That’s why most home sellers … Continued

How Housing Inventory Affects Your Home Price

Have you ever wondered why some homes stay in the market for years while others sell in just a flick of a hand?  While there can be a gazillion subjective reasons for houses not to sell fast, there’s no denying that price also matters.  Setting a price for a home is not done by drawing … Continued

Types of Home Loans and Discounts For First-Time Home Buyers

More than two centuries after the first mortgage service began in 1781 and almost a century after the 1929 home mortgage crisis, mortgage lending policies in the US have since been designed to be more adaptive. This involved the lengthening of payment terms from seven to up to 30 years or more, fully amortizing mortgages, … Continued