How to Sell a House in Poor Condition

Some homeowners get the fortune of having their house sold within 24 hours, while others hustle for years to get the buyer’s “yes”. You might have read and listened to plenty of “secret formulas” to get your home sold fast, but in truth, it isn’t easy to pin down an absolute strategy that guarantees the … Continued

Things to Consider When Setting a Price for Your Home

When selling a house, one of your first questions might be, “How much am I going to sell the house for?”. Setting a price takes more than just spinning a roulette. It requires a little bit of work, so you don’t overprice or underprice your property. Overpricing can make it difficult for you to sell … Continued

Types of Insurance You Need as a Soon-To-Be Homeowner

Buying a home the first time can be very exciting. It’s like the ultimate pat on the back but a thousand times more rewarding, especially when you’ve worked so hard for it. While purchasing a house doesn’t have to be done in full cash, there are still a lot of expenses that you need to … Continued

Should I Entertain a Blind Offer For My House?

Has your house been on the market for months, and all you’ve been getting are blind offers? It can be daunting when you’ve been so excited the first time you put your house on the market, but things don’t go as you expect. The next thing you know, your home value has shrunk, and more … Continued

How To Win a Bidding War on A Georgia House

When it comes to getting the house you want, the main question here is how much do you really want it? With a 46% year-over-year decrease in the housing inventory, and considerably low mortgage interest rates this year, Georgia is finding itself in a firing-hot seller’s market. And this is projected to continue in the early … Continued

What Are My Disclosure Obligations as a Home Seller?

Put yourself in a home buyer’s shoes, and surely you can agree that you’d want to know everything about the property. Apart from ensuring your health and safety, you’d like to make sure that you are paying a fair price, right?  So as a Georgia home seller, although you are not obligated by law to … Continued

What to Look Out for When Viewing a House in Georgia

Have you spotted your top three homes on the MLS and are ready to see them in person? House viewing is one of the most exciting parts of buying a house (well, second to finally getting the keys, of course). During this time, you get to fully let your imagination run wild with the space … Continued

How to Sell Your Georgia Home Fast On-the-Market

Putting your house on sale can push you up the wall. Considering a sea of competitors, you don’t exactly know if anyone would be interested in it. Hiring a great real estate agent could boost your chances of selling your home, but it always boils down to finding the right buyer at the end of … Continued

What Do Days On the Market (DOM) Mean for Buyers?

Buying your dream house on the market may not always come easy. If it’s that great, chances are, there may also be other people who are vying to buy the home. So how can you create an offer that the seller can’t say no to without sacrificing too much on your budget? While sellers generally … Continued

Easy Ways to Improve Your Home’s Energy Score Before Selling

Ask a seasoned realtor what’s the best way to increase a home’s value, and she’ll probably say, “make your home more cost-effective for your buyers”. There are numerous ways to make a home more cost-effective, and one of these is installing energy-savers. This may sound like a broken record, but it is one of the … Continued