Get Ready to Sell Your House in Spring

Winter is now starting to pull out, and people are getting out of their warm, snug homes. While selling in the winter is still recommended due to generally low market prices, spring also has the strengths that make it the best season for real estate.  

Why Is Spring The Best Time to Sell Your Home?

For one, the mild weather allows them to do more physical home viewings and relocate into their new home. Other reasons include:

  • No winter means no slippery roads and bulky clothing that makes it hard to move about
  • In spring, car engines take lesser time to warm up
  • The springtime sunlight allows your trees and flowers to bloom, improving your curb appeal naturally
  • Families with children start hunting and want to get attuned to the neighbourhood before the next school year starts
  • Home improvement contractors are more mobile after winter 
  • Better valuation because of more comps getting in the market

Tips to Prepare Your Home for a Spring Sale

Even with the advantages of spring, the projected homes sales price appreciation this 2022 is still up to 2.9%. While high market prices sound alluring for home sellers, you have to remember that there’s still a hill to climb to maximize your home’s profit potential. projects that home affordability will remain a challenge due to continuously increasing home prices, mortgage rates, and the outpacing of rental rates this 2022. Hence selling at the right time with the right marketing strategy and effective negotiation approaches will continue to be extremely vital this year.   

So here are the things you can do to prepare your home for your spring buyers:

Repaint With White

According to Angela White, frontrunner of the Colour Affects System, the psychological effects of color is universal. While some personalities are more attracted to a certain color,  the psychological responses that every color brings are more or less the same, making it predictable. This is why setting the right color theme in your home is important before showing it to potential buyers.

When it comes to white, peace, calmness and the feel of newness is what it gives. While it’s dubbed as the safest color to sell your house in, it does provide real value to occupants in the long run.  With the fast-paced life at work and outside the home, people always dream of going home to a relaxing space that’s enough to refresh you for the next day — and white gives us exactly that.   

Fix Broken Parts

While home upgrades that add value to your home are highly recommended before a sale, it is not uncommon for people to not have the budget to do the renovations. If you find yourself in this situation, you can just explore repairing the broken parts of your home — make sure the property is livable enough.  This means there are no missing floor boards, no holes in the roof, no protruding iron nails, no burst pipes, and no moulds among many. 

Although, if you have the time and willingness, home improvements don’t have to be expensive since you can D.I.Y — thanks to the boundless wisdom of the internet!

Do a Deep Spring Clean

If you’re a neatnik, you’d probably agree that there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your kitchenware organized like that of a showroom. And that behavior is totally understandable because keeping things neat and organized does provide a lot of emotional and psychological benefits.

Just remember that the feeling you get with your home’s physical state will be the same feeling your potential buyers will get as they step inside your home. If you feel overwhelmed because of the clutter, then your buyer will also feel overwhelmed; If you feel at peace and refreshed, then your buyer will also feel that when they see your home.

clean your home before you sell your house in spring
Source: Maid Sailors

Here are some tips for you:

  • Declutter first and take out everything that screams trash, decay, mold, and useless.
  • Start cleaning from top to bottom; start from your ceilings, chandeliers, lights, and other hard-to-reach surfaces
  • Deep clean your carpets, curtains and couches
  • Mop the floors; polish or apply floor wax for wooden floors
  • Wipe every single thing, even those tiny paperweights
  • Use glass cleaners for your windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces

Mow and Stage the Lawn

First impressions are important. This means that your front lawn will say a lot about your house. But don’t panic; you don’t have to buy an expensive lawn mower or hire professionals to get your lawn in shape. If you’re tight on budget, you can always cut manually and look at tips on how to prepare your lawn the right way.

If you want more tips on how to sell your Georgia home this coming spring, get in touch with us at HomeSold GA.  We’re your trusted real estate partner in the Peach State, and we’re ready to help you sell your home in the fastest way possible. Contact us at 770-668-4888 and let’s get your home prepared the right way!

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