How to Sell Your Georgia Home Fast On-the-Market

Putting your house on sale can push you up the wall. Considering a sea of competitors, you don’t exactly know if anyone would be interested in it. Hiring a great real estate agent could boost your chances of selling your home, but it always boils down to finding the right buyer at the end of the day. If you are looking to sell your house fast, here are some tips to entice the right buyer!

Take Your Disclosure Obligations Seriously

In the State of Georgia, home sellers do not need to fill out an official disclosure form for their buyers. However, it is in you and your buyer’s best interest to divulge all defects and hazards. As the home seller, disclosing everything would protect you from possible lawsuits under fraud, deceit, and misrepresentation.  For the home buyer, full disclosure will help him/her make an informed decision about the purchase offer.

In addition, full disclosure will also make your buyer feel that you are a credible seller. This is why many home sellers hire an inspector before they list their houses, to get a complete list of “things to be aware of.”

Sell at The Right Time

When the housing inventory is low, and the number of buyers is high, congratulations because you are finding yourself in a hot market!  If you list your house during a hot market, you can expect to receive bids and offers faster than when it’s a cold market (a market for buyers). Selling during a seller’s market is one of the industry’s not-so-best-kept secrets because while you can sell your house fast, there’s also a chance to sell your home above market price.

Your real estate agent can tell you when it’s a seller’s time. Or you can also check out Realtor’s Metro Hotness Index to see the state of your municipality’s real estate market. The good news is, if you are selling at this time of writing, you may be in for a treat because many Georgia towns have been experiencing a seller’s market for the last two years!

units sold versus median sales price and sales volume 2019 and 2020

Source: Atlanta Real Estate Forum

If it’s not a seller’s market by the time you decide to sell, but you are open to putting your sale on hold for a while, you can also consider listing it during the right season. You might ask, “why can’t we list it now and wait for the right season to roll in?”. Well, it’s because longer days on the market (DOM) are not very attractive for buyers. IF you have a high DOM, your buyers may think that there’s something wrong with your house, or they may feel more empowered to offer a lower purchase price.

If your financial situation and life plan welcome flexibility, you can consider listing your house during May & June, Springtime, or just before school starts.

Be Updated With Design Trends

While white kitchens, open floor plans, and modern farmhouse designs seem inviting and homey, did you know that they are gradually becoming archaic this 2021?  Even minimalism is slowly leaving the room. For this year, experts see warmer neutrals, dedicated spaces, and multi-functional furniture (most of which have been influenced by today’s work-from-home lifestyle).

Decors also have switched from mementos in open shelves to maximalist color palettes on walls and rugs. The bottom line is, even if interior design trends come back every few years, it would be very helpful if you stick to what people are looking for at present.

Be Ready to Jump Into a Decision

After your buyer submits his/her offer, you typically have about 24-48 hours to respond. If you need longer than that, it should be because you need to compare it to other offers. However, if you don’t have different offers and still delay your response, your buyer might withdraw. Plus, it may take more time after that to find another potential buyer. Depending on your needs and situation,  we suggest you lay down all your negotiables and non-negotiables so you’ll know what to do the moment you receive an offer.

Price Your Home Right

If the market is hot, it can be tempting to list your house at a price above its actual market value. While you may score buyers who are willing to spend between 5%-10% more than the list price, the chances can be one in a million. The risk of it seeming overpriced and unattractive is still more possible. If you want to try this strategy out, you can list high then lower your price down multiple times (until the actual market price). This is one way of showing your buyers that you are a motivated seller.

On the other hand, listing low can also entice interested buyers very quickly. This strategy is the golden rule if you want to catch people’s attention, regardless if it’s a buyers’ market or a sellers’ market. Listing low could also spark a bidding war, so you’ll have more options to choose from. The disadvantage here is that if you only have one interested buyer, you wouldn’t be able to negotiate for a higher purchase price as much.

Understand Your Buyer to Know How You Can Offer Something Sweeter

Apart from the right price, another way to convince your buyer to say yes fast is to give the right concessions. The right concessions mean something more personal and necessary for the buyer. For example, if your buyer is a home-based working mom, you might want to install easily cleaned surfaces or new dishwashers. Since there is always room for negotiation, you can spend effort in getting to know your buyer the first few times.

If all these tips are too overwhelming for you, HomeSold GA can help you navigate each one and give you more excellent tips! Sell your Georgia house fast now by calling us at 770-668-4888!

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