Sell Your House in Summertime

Summer bells are ringing, and everyone’s out and about to find that perfect house in sunny Georgia. You might want to grab the opportunity to sell your home today because once Fall starts to roll in, the number of active buyers will continue to slump. Even more so in the Winter!

Why Summer Is a Great Time to Sell Your Home

Historically,  people are more eager to go house hunting and buy property during Spring and Summer than in Fall and Winter. Apart from the more apparent reason that weather during Fall and Winter may restrict accessibility and transportation at times, these are the common reasons why there are more buyers during the warm months:

Convenient Time to Move

A lot of airline flights get canceled or delayed due to inclement weather. How often have you been stuck at the airport with your bags and kids tagged along with nothing to do but worry about the lost time? That’s not favorable at all.  

It’s the same for homebuyers. Anyone would rarely want to go house hunting or attend a home showing when roads are drenched, or the sky isn’t too safe for planes. Hence, people are more assertive in traveling during summertime.  

Longer Daylight

In the present Summer,  the sun rises in the Peach State at 5:30 AM and sets at around 8:30 PM. That’s about 16 hours of daylight, which will be the same for July (projected). Longer days mean people will have extra time after work to visit properties and look for their dream homes. If you’re listing your home on the market this summer, you should be prepared to entertain prospective buyers even after 6:00 PM.

Moreover, with more daylight hours, people will be able to notice all the features in your home which can otherwise look faint at night. Prospective buyers who request to view your house after work hours will have the chance to tour the entire property safely and comfortably, especially when you have a vast outdoor space.

Properties Look Better in the Summer

Summer is when flowers are still in full bloom, and the leaves on the trees are verdant green. This means that your home has a lot of natural appeal in the Summer. Grass in your curb and backyard, as well as your hedges, will look rich and plump with the right amount of watering. You won’t need to do much outdoors except clean your yard every few days. 

Summer also brings lesser rainfall than other seasons. If the property you intend to sell is a fixer-upper or has holes here and there, you won’t have to worry about unpleasant drippings or your floor getting soaked. 

Higher Sale Price

High prices during Summer are mostly demand-driven. Homes are snagged fast because:

  • People, especially home buyers or those who intend to relocate, avoid moving during the school year
  • Parents start looking for homes after the school year and settle into their new homes before the next school year starts
  • Travel is more convenient during the Summer because there’s rarely any bad weather
  • Homebuyers find it easy to decide or choose a home because the weather allows them to see the entire property more clearly

According to Nerd Wallet’s retrospective study on Days on Market (2015-2019), homes in Atlanta had an average DOM of 46 days in June, despite being the most expensive month. By August and September, you can expect that price cuts will start due to lower inventory and lower demand.  

Airconditioning is a Must When Selling a House in Summer

When home viewing day comes, your prospective buyer has to feel:

  • Comfortable
  • Compelled to buy your house
  • Like they already own it the moment they step inside
  • Like they don’t have to spend more or a lot to make the space more comfortable

One of the ways to make your buyer feel all these is to ensure your air conditioning system is in tip-top shape. Imagine your buyer sweating from the hot outdoors; they’d expect to find a comfortable shade in your home when they arrive. Now imagine not having enough air conditioning, and the inside of your home remains sweltering, would your buyer feel like they still want to stay inside?

Remember that your goal is to keep them comfortable and entertained until they feel like making an offer. Prospective homebuyers who spend a long time viewing your home are interested and more likely to buy your house. 

The State of Your Outdoors Is Important

Curb appeal gives your prospective buyers their initial impression of your property.  Apart from its aesthetic benefits, it gives buyers an idea of how well you maintain your home. When your yard is clean, they’ll feel safe from critters that often invade homes during the summer for food.

You don’t have to hire professional lawn cleaners to prep your home for viewing. Here are D.I.Y activities you can do:  

  • Prune your hedge (at least parts that are weirdly sticking out)
  • Paint your fence
  • Clean the gutters from leaves, twigs, mud, and trash
  • Sweep dead leaves off your lawn
  • Cut the grass just enough
Source: The Balance

If you need help selling your house this Summer, give us a call at HomeSold GA. We specialize in single-family homes and always sell houses with a solid strategy according to your situation. We are a solutions-based brokerage which means that no matter the circumstance, we always find ways for your home to sell immediately at the right price. 

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