5 Steps to Help You Prepare Your House fr the MLS in Alpharetta

Right now is a spectacular time to put your home on the market, but there are some helpful things you can do to make your property stand out compared to the competition. Let’s go over 5 steps to help you prepare your house for the MLS in Alpharetta to jumpstart your home’s listing from day one:

Clean and Declutter

The path to selling every home has to begin with deep cleaning it from floor to ceiling – always the first step when you prepare your house for the MLS in Alpharetta or anywhere else. 

Get into those cabinets, scrub the basement floor, and stretch for that hard-to-reach spot you never thought would be dust-free to get your home looking spick and span. If you’re still living in the property while it is on the market, you will want to also declutter every room and storage area. 

You want potential buyers to take a look around your home and feel like there is ample storage available for them, so organizing everything that remains in your home is essential to putting your home’s best foot forward.

Remember the Outdoors

When someone is considering buying your home, the condition of everything on the property – not just the home itself – ultimately plays a large role in their decision. 

Every real estate professional will tell you that curb appeal is key to any sale, and that means making the exterior of your home and any landscaping look absolutely breathtaking. Prepare your house by putting down fresh mulch and keeping the lawn mowed as a start, but go further by power washing your home’s exterior siding and gutters along with any walkways and driveways. 

You’ll be amazed at the difference an afternoon with a power washer can make for your home’s outward presentation to interested buyers.


Something that can go overlooked by your average home seller is taking the time to remove any family heirlooms, photos, and other items of high sentimental value. 

Having these extra objects sitting around not only offers up a security issue, but they can be rather distracting for anyone coming through to see what your home has to offer. Whenever someone is viewing your listing on the MLS or coming for an open house or private showing, you want them to be able to focus on the strengths of your home without feeling like they are intruding on your territory.

Mind the Details

Besides taking care of things in and around your property, you also need to provide the extras that tie any listing together. 

First, making note of the measurements of your home’s rooms along with any details regarding the infrastructure will fill out your listing. Next, it is essential to couple your listing with a stellar and detailed set of photographs that will aid interested parties in seeing the features of your home as well as allow them to gain a better understanding of your home’s layout. Last, filling out property disclosures to have at the ready for potential buyers not only fulfills a legal obligation for you as a seller but also shows any buyers that you mean business.

Get a Second Opinion

With your home ready to hit the MLS, the final thing to do is consult your agent for any further recommendations they may have. You may find out that you still have more to do to prepare your house.

Take any advice they have to heart since their years of experience and substantial knowledge of the local market go a long way in selling the property. Another option is to bring in an unbiased third party to do a mock walkthrough of your home. Once they feel they have seen everything your home has to offer they can give you an honest look into what the average buyer may be feeling. 

In both situations, this feedback could prove to be invaluable.

Guidance to Prepare Your House for Listing in Alpharetta

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