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How to Choose the Best Alpharetta Real Estate Agent

Choosing the best Atlanta Real Estate Agent - HomeSold GA Summary School

Hello and thank you for joining me! Today we are discussing the Do’s and Dont’s of choosing the RIGHT REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL. This video is helpful to Buyers, Sellers and Investors

I want to discuss one of the most important decisions you can make in any real estate transaction and that is choosing the right real estate professional to partner with.

I choose that term, PARTNER, specifically to show how both sides should view the arrangement. Buying and selling real estate is a business transaction, whether you’re selling a personal home or investment property, you will be involved in contracts that are probably in the six-figure range. If you don’t regularly sign contracts worth several hundred thousand dollars, that are legally enforceable, with strict timelines and articles to compel action… then you might want to partner with an agent who can guide you properly.

Right now, there are 100,000 licensed real estate agents in Georgia and over 2 million nationwide. The average active residential agent only closes 7-8 homes a year, so you need to choose wisely. Alright, Let’s get to the dos and donts:


Do Choose an agent who can support themselves full time in real estate

Do Choose an agent with a high volume of experience, specifically in the number of transaction sides they close

Do Choose an agent that is familiar with your type of property and knowledgeable about your location


Select an agent just because they are a friend, family member or because they NEED the closing

Select a residential agent for commercial property or vice versa

Select an agent because they will reduce their commission to get the deal, if they’ll give up their money that easy, imagine how fast they’ll give up your money.


Do Choose an agent who will help you structure a home buying plan, you can find that video link in the show notes

Don’t select an agent who will sling open every door you find on Zillow


Do Choose an agent who can professionally guide you through listing and pricing your home

Don’t select an agent who will list for a pipe dream price, because you hope someone will fall in love and pay more than what it’s worth, that never works


Do Choose an agent who actively invests in the property type and location that match your criteria

Don’t select an agent that is up for the challenge of learning something new

A few months ago, my wife and I were driving together, I just finished a phone call with an Agent on the other side of a transaction. The deal was going to terminate and my Seller was going to have to put the home back on the market. I was venting to my wife because the neither the Agent nor the Buyer understood the terms of the contract and Buyer got cold feet with misunderstanding. As we pulled up to the next stoplight a car pulled up next to us, it was dirty, and in need of repair. However, on the side of the door was a large magnet that said Realtor & Choreographer, Dance Steps and Home Sales.

Seriously, do yourself a favor, choose the right real estate professional and treat it like a business partnership, you’ll be glad you did!

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