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HomeSold GA Focuses on Client Centered Solutions

Whether you are ready to Buy a house in Alpharetta or Sell your home in Alpharetta, We are here to take excellent care of you!

Our goal at HomeSold GA is to be a value first organization and our focus is to make buying or selling a home faster, easier and better financially. Our clients are truly the center of our efforts and we work diligently to provide solutions that fit your individual situation.

“…really organized, professional and very patient.. They quickly understood our needs and requirements in our dream house and worked hard to find us the perfect home.”

Sell My Alpharetta House

If you’re looking to sell your Alpharetta house, HomeSold GA is your final destination! Our purpose is to help sellers like you:

1. Make the Most Amount of Money

2. In the Shortest Amount of Time

3. With the Least Amount of Stress

This is How Selling Works!

Our proven process to sell homes in Alpharetta GA works like this:

  • Needs Analysis – A conversation to understand why and when you want to sell
  • Pricing Strategy – Determine best pricing strategy for the current market conditions and prepare an estimated Seller profit guide
  • Property Preparation – We’ll advise you on any repairs or improvements
  • Marketing Strategy – Implement a proven marketing plan & marketing timetable
  • Receive Offers – Our Evaluation & Explanation of offers on your home
  • Negotiate Offers – Guidance on how to Negotiate Counteroffers as well as Advice on Terms & Conditions
  • Sell– Prepare the post-contract work list, Advise on repairs and vendor services
  • Pre-Close Preparation – Coordinate and supervise document preparation and provide pre-closing consulting
  • Closing – Review documents and resolve any last-minute items
  • Post-Closing – Coordinate Possession and Items that may survive closing

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How Much Is Your Alpharetta Area Home Worth?

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Buy a Home in Alpharetta

If you’re buying a home in the Alpharetta area, HomeSold GA has the experience to find you the perfect home! Our purpose is to help you buy:

1.The Perfect Home

2. At the Best Price

3. In the Shortest Amount of Time

4. With the Least Amount of Stress

This is How Buying Works!

Our proven process to buy homes in Alpharetta GA works like this:

  • Needs Analysis – Create a clear written picture of the ideal home
  • Financing Direction – Pre-Qualification or Pre-Approval
  • Neighborhood Search Profile – Broad list of target neighborhoods and data
  • Home Search – Organize and schedule showing of homes
  • Make Offer – Research, advise and complete an offer for submission
  • Negotiate – Negotiate on the buyer’s behalf, sell the buyer to the listing agent
  • Vendor Coordination – Supply, advise and supervise on potential services
  • Pre-Close Prep – Coordinate schedule, review documentation, provide consultation
  • Closing – Preview, confirm and resolve any issues
  • Post-Closing – Coordinate possession and any surviving items

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Choose a Top Alpharetta Real Estate Agent

Finding the Right Agent is the Most Important single decision you can make when Buying or Selling a home!

At HomeSold GA, we take pride in putting the right people in the right position to better serve you! Our three-step approach of needs analysis, home/market evaluation and plan creation is simple but effective. We are driven by the desire to create high-quality experiences for our clients and create a stress free transaction that will help you see selling real estate in a whole new light.

Our Agents will identify your needs and execute strategies that serve your purpose. We’ve been serving clients for decades and have built a reputation for extraordinary service. Our first goal is to clearly identify your current situation and discuss a variety options that work for you.  Next, we put our proven process to work for you. Finally, we will negotiate a strong contract to avoid any pitfalls or undue stress along the way.

Don’t trust just anyone to handle one of the largest financial transactions most people ever make. This is not the time to trust your family member who just got a license or to use a friend because they “need the sell”. Put your needs first, protect your investment and choose the top agents at HomeSold GA to help you when it matters the most!

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