5 Out of The Box Marketing Ideas To Help You Sell Your House Faster in Duluth

Even when the market favors sellers, selling a house is almost never easy. You are entering a competitive market, and you have to work hard to stand out from all the competition. And, today, rising above the competition means you have to do a lot more than the tired old standard stuff to market your house. You’ve got to get creative and think outside the box. So here are 5 out-of-the-box marketing ideas to help you sell your house faster in Duluth.

1. Offer Incentives and/or Inclusions

If you truly want to stand out from the competition and sell your house faster in Duluth, you have to do what other sellers aren’t doing. And one of those out-of-the-box things is offering incentives and/or inclusions.

Industry pros explain: “In today’s market that might simply mean offering even a modest incentive, which can get your home noticed and turn a looky-loo serious, in short order. Offering a year’s prepaid HOA dues or closing costs when your competition is not making such offers can be magnetic to the buyer who is frugal or tight on cashSimilarly, you’d be surprised at how the prospect of including customized furnishings, home electronics, or other high-value items that homes are usually sold without can sweeten the whole package your home presents to buyers.”

To find out how to effectively deploy this tactic talk to a local agent 770-668-4888.

2. Write a Persuasive Letter

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Another effective out-of-the-box marketing idea to help you sell your house faster in Duluth involves writing a persuasive letter to buyers – a letter that lays out all the reasons why you love your home. The persuasive implication will be that buyers will absolutely love your home for the same reasons.

“Buyers appreciate,” one expert says, “a home that has been cherished, and like to hear the lore of lovely family memories a seller had in the place. I’ve actually witnessed firsthand a buyer walk through a home, deem it “cute” with nonchalance, then warm to the property as they come across a binder full of a seller’s notes about the place, the neighborhood and even local vendors and parks, from the rosy viewpoint of someone who loves them.

Just make sure to consult your local agent to find out what aspects and features of your home will most appeal to local buyers. Your agent can help you avoid making a costly misstep. (Discover more at 770-668-4888.)

3. Offer a “Test Drive”

You can also offer serious buyers the chance to take your home for a “test drive.” This tactic works to sell cars, and it can help you sell your house faster in Duluth.

By “test drive,” we mean giving buyers the opportunity to experience actually living in your home for a weekend or a few days. Buyers can experience first-hand the joy of living in the home and, as a result, often wind up making an offer.

Of course, the buyers should be serious and you have to be able to trust them. Your agent can vet the buyers to make sure they meet your criteria and thus reduce any risk.

4. Offer Rewards on Facebook

Certainly, social media is a great marketing tool, especially those laser-targeted Facebook ads.  But there’s more you can do with Facebook to sell your house faster in Duluth.

Consider posting your listing for your house on Facebook and announce to your Facebook friends that you are offering a reward for any share that results in a sale. This reward could be something like a Visa gift card. Just make sure the reward is for an amount large enough to actually generate some interest and some shares. And don’t forget to set your privacy settings to public for the broadest exposure.

Because Facebook ads can be so highly targeted, it might also be a good idea to try out some cheap ads. That way, you can get your listing and offer of a reward in front of many more eyes. But just be careful not to drop a ton of money on unproductive ads.

5. Choose Your Agent Carefully

Although this may seem like just common sense, it remains, in a way, an out-of-the-box marketing idea to help you sell your house faster in Duluth. The reason for this is that sellers so seldom put the requisite effort into researching and carefully choosing an agent. And, really, all the effective out-of-the-box marketing is no match for the experience and expertise of a competent local real estate agent. Your local agent will know exactly what appeals to and how to market to local buyers.

So if you want to sell your house faster in Duluth, make sure you hire an agent who knows how to do more than put a sign on the yard and use the MLS. Find out today how our agents can help you sell faster with creative marketing. Send us a message or give us a call at 770-668-4888!

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