Most Affordable Places to Buy a House in Georgia

If you are out looking for a new place to settle in, Georgia has a wide selection of residential areas that cater to every type of lifestyle. Whether you are a millennial who’s been promoted to your dream job in Metro Atlanta, a parent who’s looking for a fresh start for her kindergartner, a pensioner who’s transitioning to a quieter (or more active) way of life, or a beginner investor who’s looking to put up more dough for his portfolio; you’ll surely find a suitable home here in the Peach State!

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Distance from work, school, health care services, and commercial establishments are common criteria when choosing a new address. But since one of the most significant factors influencing our buying decisions is price, we’ve pooled in some of the highly recommended places in Georgia and their corresponding median home values as of April 2021.    

Camilla: $91,983

Camilla is a southern GA town within Mitchell County, and it is about a three-hour drive from the capital of Atlanta. According to Niche, the homeownership rate in Camilla is more than 50%.  The population also consists of different ethnicities, including African-American, Native American, Asian, Irish, English, Italian, and German.  If you are looking to work in Camilla, the highest paying sectors are the Education, Technical Services, and Public Administration sectors. 

Eastman: $93,434

Eastman is a rural town located within Dodge County. It is among the top 35 places in the US with the lowest cost of living. If you are looking to relocate with your children, you’d be delighted to know that public schools in Eastman have an above-average rating. 

Sandersville: $96,650

Sandersville is a small town between Atlanta and Savannah, where the median household income is around $33,300. Many of the 5,500+ residents say that the city is a great place to raise a family, perhaps because violence and property crimes rates are minimal (0.4% and 3.69%, respectively). Sandersville has a rich history mainly involving the Civil War, and although there aren’t many commercial establishments like you see in bigger towns, the business sector is gradually picking up.

festival in Sandersville, GA

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Adel: $104,365

Adel features a mix of rural and suburban living. It is an excellent place to be in if you want a quaint and friendly atmosphere. If you aren’t so sure about living in this town, you might want to ask the 61% who own their houses in the area (yes, most homes are owned and not rented!). The majority of Adel’s population also have a college/associate’s degree, so you know that the education system is sound.

Hawkinsville: $110,538

Located in Pulaski County, Hawkinsville is a popular recreational area. People flock to the town to kayak, canoe, swim, and fish. If you aren’t so familiar with harness racing yet, you may want to drop by the country’s largest harness racing training facility. The median household income in the area is about $37,165, with an unemployment rate of 3.70%. According to Livability, the average mortgage amount in Hawkinsville is around $421.75.

Waynesboro: $116,275

Waynesboro is a developing town. With an unemployment rate of less than 3%, a workforce percentage of more than 61%, and a private business count of more than 930, there is plenty to look forward to in this Burke County town. More than 60% also of homes in Waynesboro are owned, with an average mortgage price of $566.57.

historic Wilkins House, Waynesboro GA

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Glennville: $138,816

Similar to Adel, Glennville also offers a blend of rural, suburban living. It is among the top 25 cheapest places to live in, in Georgia (according to Niche) and the top 7 safest city in Georgia. The town is dominated by 25-34 years-olds, followed by children less than ten years old. The atmosphere is very homey and peaceful, far from the stirring hustle and bustle of the big city. If you are eyeing to relocate to Tattnall County, don’t miss out on Glennville.

Hinesville: $138,995

With a population of over 32,000, Hinesville is among the fastest-growing towns in Georgia. It is within the jurisdiction of Liberty County, and it features a sparse suburban – type of living. There is no traffic build-up in the area, and many of the commercial establishments, public services, and recreational amenities are highly accessible (with an average commute time of 21 minutes). Hinesville is also home to Fort Stewart and the 3rd most extensive army installation positioned east of the Mississippi River. If you are fond of social gatherings, don’t miss the farmer’s market, Blues, Scarecrow Stroll, Small World Festival, and Brews & BBQ.

Warner Robins: $139,214

Warner Robins ranks top 15 in Niche’s most diverse suburbs in Georgia. With a population of more than 76,100 (2019), the town is becoming busier through the years. The median household income in the area is about $51,780, and livelihood is provided by the:

  • Health Care & Social Assistance sector
  • Retail Trade sector
  • Utility sector
  • Government sector and;
  • Mining, Quarrying, Oil & Gas Extraction sector

The average commute time in Warner Robins is 21.5 minutes, and the homeownership rate is more than 64%. Perhaps, it really is great to live in this county!

If you are relocating from outside the state, you’ll find that Georgia has a very diverse economic and social landscape. Not to mention that safety is relatively good.

2021 Crime Rates in Georgia

Source: Safe Wise

Other highly recommended areas to check out in Georgia are:

  • Thomasville: $154,118
  • Perry: $166,293
  • Jackson: $166,964
  • Palmetto: $174,613
  • Byron: $181,171
  • Grovetown: $222,522
  • Gainesville: $257,391
  • Duluth: $313,411
  • Grayson: $318,534
  • Watkinsville: $323,282
  • Woodstock: $325,356
  • Dacula: $329,092
  • Canton: $359,349
  • Tyrone: $363,193
  • Johns Creek: $496,019
  • Berkeley Lake: $561,171
  • Milton: $655,066

If choosing candidate houses or areas is too much to do on your own, you can talk with us at HomeSold GA. We can give you a wide selection of homes according to your needs and situation. Call us now at 770-668-4888!

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