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Make More Money when you Sell your Alpharetta Home

Make more money when you Sell your Atlanta Georgia Home -  HomeSold GA Summary School

Hello and thank you for joining me! Today we are discussing the best way to SELL YOUR HOME. This message is helpful to Sellers and Investors

I want to provide a guide to the Home Selling process so you can feel confident you’re making the right decisions throughout the transaction.  No matter where you live or what type of property you are selling, these 6 steps will help you sell your faster, easier and for more money. So here we go:

  1. Clearly establish why you are selling
    • Perhaps you are looking to upsize, downsize or relocate. Maybe this is a rental or flip and it’s time to recognize the profits within the property.
    • Regardless of the scenario, writing your reasons down will be a handy reminder if tough times arise during the transaction.
  2. Hire the right agent
    • This single decision can have more of an effect on the speed, ease and profitability, than any other aspect of selling your home.
    • Here is the link to the video about How to Choose the Right Agent, but consider these key items:
      1. Choose a full-time agent
      2. That has plenty of transaction experience
      3. Is familiar with your type of property
      4. And is knowledgeable about the area where your home is located
  3. Truly Evaluate your property
    • Try to look at your home with fresh eyes, find issues, find items of concern, evaluate the age of renovations and past upgrades. Be honest with yourself about the real condition of the property.
    • Isolate key selling points. Remember what originally drew you to this property, it might still be a strong selling point.
    • Work with your agent to decide what items need to be repaired or upgraded prior to listing. But, be smart about it. A full renovation to sell at top dollar doesn’t always mean you will net more money.
  4. Conduct a Market Analysis
    • The market is the market and it is one of the items you can’t control. However, you can read what the market is telling you about when your house will sell, who the buyer will be, how they will pay for it and approximately what the contract price will be.
    • You and the right agent will use this information to target the marketing, resulting in a quicker, easier and more profitable transaction.
  5. Accessibility and pricing
    • Outside of picking the right agent, the two most imperative items include making the home accessible for buyers to view
    • and pricing the home appropriately
    • Overpricing a property is the fastest way to end up making less money as the home languishes on the market with little to no showings. The longer you are up for sale beyond the average days on market, the more money you are losing.
    • And for obvious reasons, if the home is not easy for a buyer to see because of limited viewing times or difficulty in scheduling the longer your home will take to sell.
  6. Understanding Negotiation
    • There are many stages between the initial offer and the final execution of the contract, and these stages may require multiple negotiations.  Some items may matter more to you than others. Here’s a few helpful tips:
      1. Identify What is Important to you,
      2. be flexible with the rest,
      3. think about the negotiation as if you are the buyer.
    • Remember, this isn’t war, think about your original reason for selling and ask yourself, Will this sticking point matter to anyone a year from now?

Alright, those are my 6 tips to sell your home faster, easier and for more money.

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